Who We Are

Training For Positive Change

Upskills is a training consultancy specialising in building the communication skills of people in the New Zealand workforce. Our unique approach combines training sessions with mentoring and coaching to help cement positive change and transform the potential of individuals and businesses as a whole. More...

Our Approach and Values

At Upskills we believe in training that sticks. We're interested in helping create behaviour change at an organisational and individual level, whether that's helping you to help your staff feel more engaged at work, or boosting the confidence of your workforce More...

Our Team

Upskills Directors Holly Patterson and Sarah Balfour have seen enough training delivery to know what works, and what doesn't. Upskills came about from this expertise, experience and a desire to deliver high calibre training. Both Sarah and Holly are experienced workplace trainers, with diverse experience More...

Upskills Courses

Workplace Literacy and Numeracy

Workplace literacy and numeracy refers to all the reading, writing, speaking, listening, numeracy and problem solving an individual needs to do his or her job effectively.  New Zealand research indicates that four out of ten of our workers has a literacy and/or numeracy gap.  The links between increased literacy levels and productivity are clear, and the New Zealand government has made it easier for organisations to run programmes at their companies by fully funding this training.  Upskills can take the hassle out of the funding application process and project manage the whole process from start to finish. More...

Supervisory Skills

Sometimes supervisors and team leaders lack the communication and leadership skills to get the best out of their teams.  We work with businesses to unlock the potential of supervisors to inspire and lead their teams. More...

Health & Safety “Ready to Rep”

Make sure health & safety reps can confidently communicate to achieve the best health and safety outcomes for your business, or empower employees to fully engage with health and safety at your workplace. Participants will gain assertiveness skills to speak up when it counts as well as baseline skills to complete required documentation. More

Workplace Confidence “Boost”

This course is all about unlocking the potential in personally developing individuals at work. It's the personal development side of a workplace wellness programme and focuses around building the confidence and resilience that employees need to succeed on the job. More