Workplace Literacy and Numeracy 

LiteracyWorkplace literacy and numeracy refers to all the reading, writing, speaking, listening, numeracy and problem solving an individual needs to do his or her job effectively.  New Zealand research indicates that using this definition, four out of ten of our workers has a literacy and/or numeracy gap.   The links between increased literacy levels and productivity are clear, and the New Zealand government has made it easier for organisations to run programmes at their companies by fully funding this training.  Staff who have been through this type of programme are generally more assertive and participative in health and safety matters, more engaged in quality processes and issues, and better equipped to deal with the daily problems that can occur as working in part of a team.

Upskills can take the hassle out of the funding application process and project manage the whole process from start to finish.   If you think literacy and numeracy gaps might be having an impact on your business, click below to find out more:

Do I have an issue with literacy and numeracy at my workplace?

Or get in touch with us at Upskills and we will conduct a “Communications Analysis” – a free audit which will help you understand how you could use this government funding to boost employees’ core skills and boost your business at the same time.