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Korelli joined us in January this year. He’s based in our Onehunga office but he’s also an on-site trainer.

Korelli has taught both adults and young people attending Youth Guarantee (a funded programme for 16-19-year-olds from the Tertiary Education Commission). He also has extensive experience in NZQA moderation as well as in programme management, working within both the not for profit and retail sectors.

The Programme Co-ordinator role is a really busy one. Korelli supports both our directors and tutors ensuring everything runs smoothly and that there is clear client/tutor communication.

Korelli Mulitalo

Korelli enjoys the culture of Upskills and the difference our company makes changing lives in the workplace. When he’s not at work he’s spending time with his fiancée and family, taking his dog for a walk, working out or getting some PlayStation action.

In the future, he hopes to move into a management role in the training sector. He has been in the teaching space for some time but still enjoys every minute of it.

‘I have seen the challenges facing our learners and I want to make the difference and have a voice moving up the ladder so I can make more of a difference in our community for our people. What has really inspired me is seeing the changes we make to people’s lives, helping them with things they struggle with. I enjoy the small wins like seeing learners send an email for the first time, or speak up in class or even just calculate a percentage off a marked price.

My grandparents worked hard in the manufacturing sector. There was no training so they struggled with the basics. They didn’t have access to educational programmes or funding. That’s why I am honoured to be able to do what I do in this space.’

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